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Title: Cultural Memory and Historical Consciousness in the German-Speaking World Since 1500: Papers from the Conference 'The Fragile Tradition', Cambridge 2002. Volume 1, Author: Christian Emden
Title: Science, Technology and the German Cultural Imagination: Papers from the Conference 'The Fragile Tradition', Cambridge 2002. Volume 3, Author: Christian Emden
Title: Memory Traces: 1989 and the Question of German Cultural Identity, Author: Silke Arnold de Simine
Title: Imagining the City, Volume 1: The Art of Urban Living, Author: David Robin Midgley
Title: Imagining the City, Volume 2: The Politics of Urban Space, Author: Christian Emden
Title: Hans Magnus Enzensberger: Writing, Media, Democracy, Author: Alasdair King
Title: ZeitGeschichten: Die Berliner Uebergangsjahre: Zur Verortung der Stadt nach der Mauer, Author: Ulrike Zitzlsperger
Title: Constellations of Reading: Walter Benjamin in Figures of Actuality, Author: Carlo Salzani
Title: Constructions of Conflict: Transmitting Memories of the Past in European Historiography, Culture and Media, Author: Katharina Hall
Title: Memories of 1968: International Perspectives, Author: Ingo Cornils
Title: Constructions of Melancholy in Contemporary German and Austrian Literature, Author: Anna O'Driscoll
Title: Dialectic and Paradox: Configurations of the Third in Modernity, Author: Bernhard Malkmus
Title: Playing False: Representations of Betrayal, Author: Kristina Mendicino
Title: Alternative Worlds: Blue-Sky Thinking since 1900, Author: Ingo Cornils
Title: Cultural Transformations of the Public Sphere: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives, Author: Bernd Fischer
Title: The Men with Broken Faces:
Title: When Novels Perform History: Dramatizing the Past in Australian and Canadian Literature, Author: Rebecca Waese
Title: Vladimir Nabokov and the Ideological Aesthetic: A Study of his Novels and Plays, 1926-1939, Author: Udith Dematagoda