Title: Both Sides of the Coin: Practical Living through Action, Author: Dale Davis
Title: Running Today's Factory: A Proven Strategy for Lean Manufacturing, Author: Charles Standard
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Title: Destiny Waited and Courage Roared, Author: Dale Davis
Title: Avoiding Detours, Dead Ends, and Wrong Turns, Author: Dale Davis
Title: Take Your Invention to Market, Author: Dale Davis
Title: Does God Care About You And Me?, Author: E. Dale Davis
Title: Biblical Truths That Live Today: Some Guidelines for Christian Living, Author: E Dale Davis
Title: The Singing Traveler: Songs from the Heart, Author: Dale Davis
Title: Noah Purifoy: Junk Dada, Author: Franklin Sirmans
Title: L.A. Object & David Hammons Body Prints, Author: David Hammons
Title: Three Blind Mice: Luke 9:57-62, Author: Dale Davis