Title: The Role of Circuit Courts in the Formation of United States Law in the Early Republic: Following Supreme Court Justices Washington, Livingston, Story and Thompson, Author: David Lynch
Title: Catching the Big Fish: Meditation Kreativität Film, Author: David Lynch
Title: David Lynch: The Marriage of Picture and Sound, Author: David Lynch
Title: Kritische Soziale Kulturarbeit mit dem Medium Film: Potenziale des Mediums unter Berücksichtigung von Ästhetik und Theorie nach Theodor W. Adorno und David Lynch, Author: Philipp Rösel
Title: David Lynch 'Lost Highway'. Eine filmdramaturgische Analyse: Eine filmdramaturgische Analyse, Author: Friederike Bernhardt
Title: David Lynch. Der Film als Kunstwerk: Analysen und Interpretationen der Filme Lost Highway, Blue Velvet und Mulholland Drive, Author: Friederike Bernhardt
Title: Masters of the Grotesque: The Cinema of Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, the Coen Brothers and David Lynch, Author: Schuy R. Weishaar
Title: Assessing and Reporting the Classroom Curriculum in the Knowledge Age, Author: David Lynch
Title: Good Day Today: David Lynch Destabilises The Spectator, Author: Daniel Neofetou
Title: Em águas profundas - criatividade e meditação, Author: David Lynch
Title: Radikale Subjektivierung in Filmen von David Lynch am Beispiel von 'Mulholland Drive' und 'Lost Highway', Author: Valentin Grubov
Title: Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch l Summary & Study Guide, Author: BookRags
Title: Preparing Teachers in Times of Change, Author: David Lynch
Title: ExamKrackers LSAT Analytical Reasoning, Author: David Lynch
Title: Identity construction in David Lynch's Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive: It'll be just like in the movies - we'll pretend we were someone else, Author: Ina Brauckhoff
Title: The Architecture of David Lynch, Author: Richard Martin
Title: Towards a Strategic Blend in Education: A review of the blended learning literature., Author: Tony Yeigh
Title: L'espace du rêve, Author: David Lynch
Title: The Gothic Family in David Lynch´s Movie 'Blue Velvet', Author: Franz Kröber
Title: A Divided Paradise: An Irishman in the Holy Land, Author: David Lynch

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