Title: Loss of the Steamship “Titanic”: Report of a Formal Investigation into the Circumstances Attending the Foundering on April 15, 1912, of the British Steamship “Titanic,” of Liverpool, after Striking Ice,, Author: Mr. Smith
Title: In the Foreign Legion, Author: Erwin Rosen
Title: A General History of the Pyrates [Pirates], from Their First Rise and Settlement in the Island of Providence, to the Present Time; With the Remarkable Actions and Adventures of the Two Female Pyrates Mary Read and Anne Bonny., Author: Daniel Defoe
Title: The Spirit of the Ghetto - Studies of the Jewish Quarter in New York by Hutchins Hapgood, with Drawings from Life by Jacob Epstein, Author: Hutchins Hapgood
Title: MIGHTY MIKKO: A Book of Finnish Fairy Tales and Folk Tales, Author: Parker Fillmore
Title: The Life of Mrs. Humphry Ward, Author: Janet Penrose Trevelyan
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: Retrospect of Western Travel, Author: Harriet Martineau
Title: The Life of Saint Bridget - Virgin and Abbess Patroness of Ireland, Author: Anonymous
Title: The Oregon Territory, Its History and Discovery; Including an Account of the Convention of the Escurial, also, the Treaties and Negotiations Between the United States and Great Britain, Author: Travers Twiss
Title: The Black Moth: A Romance of the 18th Century, Author: Georgette Heyer
Title: The Violin, Author: George Dubourg
Title: The Little Colonel’s Holidays, Author: Annie Fellows Johnston
Title: The Story of Charles Strange, Author: Mrs. Henry Wood
Title: History of Johnstown Flood, Author: Willis Fletcher Johnson
Title: The Huguenot: A Tale of the French Protestants Volumes 1-3, Author: George Payne Rainsford James
Title: Tenting on the Plains or General Custer in Kansas and Texas, Author: Elizabeth B. Custer
Title: The History of the Knights Templars, the Temple Church, and the Temple, Author: Charles G. Addison
Title: The Montessori Method: Scientific Pedagogy as Applied to Child Education in “The Children’s Houses” With Additions and Revisions by the Author, Author: Maria Montessori
Title: Miss Santa Claus of the Pullman, Author: Annie Fellows Johnson
Title: Old Church Lore, Author: William Andrews

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