Title: Cover-Up
Director: Alfred E. Green
Title: The Kid from Texas
Title: Sensations of 1945
Title: Woman on the Run
Title: The Leopard Man
Title: T-Men
Director: Anthony Mann
Title: All Hands on Deck
Director: Norman Taurog
Title: Brewster's Millions
Director: Allan Dwan
Title: Raw Deal
Director: Anthony Mann
Title: Everything I Have Is Yours
Title: Strange Woman/Dishonored Lady
Title: Doll Face
Director: Lewis Seiler
Title: Lady Scarface
Director: Frank Woodruff
Title: Abandoned
Director: Joseph Newman
Title: Burn 'em up O'Conner
Title: Forgotten Noir 8: Mr. District Attorney/Ringside/Hi-Jacked
Title: The Chaser
Director: Edwin L. Marin
Title: Dixon's Edge, Author: Dennis O'Keefe
Title: Follow the Sun
Director: Sidney Lanfield
Title: Relentless, Author: Dennis O'Keefe