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Title: Design of Nursing Home And Rehabilitation Facilities, Author: Robert F. Carr
Title: Design Wisdom in Small Space: Coffee Shop, Author: Jon Gentry
Title: Architectural Material & Detail Structure: Masonry, Author: Merrienboer
Title: Urban Streetscape Design, Author: Petra Funk
Title: Light Meal Restaurant, Author: Brendan Heath
Title: Architectural Material & Detail Structurei?sWood, Author: Bernard Buhler
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Title: Campus Landscape Planning & Design, Author: Michael Herz
Title: Clinic Planning Design, Author: Xiaobo Quan
Title: One Works: Architecture, Infrastructure, and Urban Engineering, Author: Design Media Publishing
Title: Resorts of 10 Leading Brands, Author: Mandy Li
Title: Successful Bakery Design II, Author: Johnny Chiu
Title: My Courtyard, Author: Viraj Chatterjee
Title: Themes+ Interior Design: Bars with Specific Themes, Author: Minas Kosmidis
Title: Public Square Landscapes, Author: Arthur Gao
Title: In Love With Me: Wedding Stationery Design, Author: Charlotte Fosdike
Title: Corrugated Paper Design, Author: German ecar
Title: The Most Beautiful Hotels in the World, Author: Hyatt Hotels Corporation
Title: Museum Design Proposals, Author: Hanlin Liu
Title: Neo-classical Interior Decoration in Hotels, Author: Ella Ma
Title: Design Wisdom in Small Space: Clothing Shop, Author: Jon Gentry

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