Title: The Practice of Reservoir Engineering (Revised Edition) / Edition 2, Author: L.P. Dake
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Title: PVT and Phase Behaviour Of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids / Edition 1, Author: Ali Danesh
Title: Petroleum Related Rock Mechanics: 2nd Edition / Edition 2, Author: Erling Fjar
Title: Multiphase Flow Metering: Principles and Applications, Author: Gioia Falcone
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Title: Hydrocarbon Exploration & Production / Edition 2, Author: Frank Jahn
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Title: Energy Potential of the Russian Arctic Seas: Choice of development strategy, Author: Alexey Piskarev
Title: Basin Evolution and Petroleum Prospectivity of the Continental Margins of India, Author: Rabi Bastia
Title: Practical Petrophysics, Author: Elsevier Science
Title: Integrated Sand Management For Effective Hydrocarbon Flow Assurance, Author: Elsevier Science
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Title: Core Analysis: A Best Practice Guide, Author: Colin McPhee
Title: Well Production Performance Analysis for Shale Gas Reservoirs, Author: Liehui Zhang
Title: Fundamentals of Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods for Unconventional Oil Reservoirs, Author: Dheiaa Alfarge
Title: Embedded Discrete Fracture Modeling and Application in Reservoir Simulation, Author: Kamy Sepehrnoori
Title: Data Room Management for Mergers and Acquisitions in the Oil and Gas Industry, Author: Bob Harrison
Title: 2D/3D Boundary Element Programming in Petroleum Engineering and Geomechanics, Author: Nobuo Morita Pre-Order Now
Title: Petroleum Economics and Risk Analysis: A Practical Guide to E&P Investment Decision-making, Author: Mark Cook Pre-Order Now