Title: Plant Life In Field And Garden (Illustrated Edition), Author: Arabella B. Buckley
Title: Mushrooms On The Moor, Author: F. W. Boreham
Title: Impressions of an Indian Childhood (Dodo Press), Author: Zitkala-Sa
Title: The Real Mother Goose (Illustrated Edition) (Dodo Press), Author: Blanche Fisher Wright
Title: The Confession, Author: Mary Roberts Rinehart
Title: Critique Of The Gotha Programme, Author: Karl Marx
Title: The Key To Uncle Tom's Cabin, Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
Title: Green Mansions, Author: W. H. Hudson
Title: St. Botolph's Town, Author: Mary Caroline Crawford
Title: King Alfred Of England, Makers of History, Author: Jacob Abbott
Title: The Augsburg Confession, Author: Philip Melanchthon
Title: The Firelight Fairy Book (Illustrated Edition), Author: Henry Beston
Title: The History of Puerto Rico, Author: R. A. Van Middeldyk
Title: Florence Nightingale, Author: Laura E. Richards
Title: Some Short Stories by Henry James, Author: Henry Jr. James
Title: The Owl & The Pussy-Cat, And The Duck & The Kangaroo (Illustrated Edition), Author: Edward Lear
Title: The Life Of John Thompson, A Fugitive Slave (Dodo Press), Author: John Thompson
Title: The Chemical History of a Candle, Author: Michael Faraday
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Title: The Wisdom Of The Ancients, Author: Sir Francis Bacon
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Title: Moorish Literature, Author: Rene Basset

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