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Title: The Lumpy Banana, Author: Omar Alexander
Title: Jesus Christ in the Flesh: No Super Coating Allowed, Author: Brad Boone
Title: Whisper a Daily Prayer: According to the Word of God, Author: Sarah E. Tindal
Title: Blue, Author: Art Moses
Title: Generics: The Destruction of the American Pharmaceutical Industry: A Case Study in Support of Federal Term Limits, Author: Dennis J. Weber Ph.D
Title: In Search of Hallelujahs, Author: Jean-Bertho Almonord
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Title: An Angry Bird on Monday, Author: Wilfredo Alvelo
Title: Please Make Room for Me, Author: William R. Brown
Title: Return to Me the Joy, Author: Eddie
Title: Cancer is for Old(er) People: How Young Minds Beat an Old Disease, Author: Brett M. Cordes
Title: The Uphill River: The Memoir of a Boy Chosen by God and the Universe to Become a Physician, Author: M.D. Bruce R. Kelly
Title: It Happened in 6th Grade: A True Story, Author: Tammie Bloise Ferro
Title: Miss Makey and the Magic Bin, Author: Mandi S. Figlioli
Title: Posy Unsung, Author: Shirley Gentry
Title: Escape From the Maelstrom, Author: Cheryl Madeleine Lodico
Title: Something to Crow About, Author: Richard A. Klein
Title: I Am My Father's Daughter, Author: Dawn DeFreeze-Carter
Title: The Negro Project: Margaret Sanger's Diabolical, Duplicitous, Dangerous, Disastrous and Deadly Plan for Black America, Author: Bruce Fleury
Title: To Prove Them Innocent, Author: Donna J Clemente
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Title: Tort Law and How It's Tied To Our Culture, Author: Esq. M. Stuart Madden

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