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Title: Big Numbers, Author: Jack Getze
Title: Finders Keepers, Author: David Housewright
Title: Catching Water in a Net, Author: J.L. Abramo
Title: Counting to Infinity, Author: J.L. Abramo
Title: Clutching at Straws, Author: J. L. Abramo
Title: The Devil and the Diva, Author: David Housewright
Title: The Lawless Kind, Author: Matt Hilton
Title: The Innocents, Author: Richard Barre
Title: The Man in Red Square, Author: Bill Moody
Title: Burning Moon, Author: Richard Barre
Title: Gravesend, Author: J.L. Abramo
Title: Upon My Soul, Author: Robert J. Randisi
Title: An Ice Cold Paradise, Author: Terry Holland
Title: Texas Noir, Author: Milton T. Burton
Title: Crimespree Magazine #42 May/Jun, Author: Jon Jordan
Title: Crimespree Magazine #5 and 6, Author: Reed Farrel Coleman
Title: Blackheart Highway, Author: Richard Barre
Title: Wiley's Shuffle, Author: Lono Waiwaiole
Title: Dark Paradise, Author: Lono Waiwaiole
Title: Scoundrels: Tales of Greed, Murder and Financial Crimes, Author: Gary Phillips

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