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Title: Economic Catch-up and Technological Leapfrogging: The Path to Development and Macroeconomic Stability in Korea, Author: Keun Lee
Title: How to Get Published in the Best Marketing Journals, Author: David W. Stewart
Title: Handbook of Research in International Human Resource Management, Author: Gunter K. Stahl
Title: Handbook of the International Political Economy of Monetary Relations, Author: Thomas Oatley
Title: Macroeconomics in the Small and the Large: Essays on Microfoundations, Macroeconomic Applications and Economic History in Honor of Axel Leijonhufvud, Author: Roger E.A. Farmer
Title: The International Handbook of Environmental Sociology, Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Michael R. Redclift
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Title: Ralph Harris in His Own Words, the Selected Writings of Lord Harris, Author: Ralph Harris
Title: Advanced Introduction to Legal Research Methods, Author: Ernst H. Ballin Pre-Order Now
Title: China's Capital Market Challenges from Wto Membership, Author: Kam C. Chan
Title: Information Technology and Productivity Growth: German Trends and OECD Comparisons, Author: Theo S. Eicher
Title: Intellectual Property and TRIPS Compliance in China: Chinese and European Perspectives, Author: Paul Torremans
Title: Hired Guns and Human Rights: Global Governance and Access to Remedies in the Private Military and Security Industry, Author: Kuzi Charamba Pre-Order Now
Title: Competition, Diversity and Economic Performance: Processes, Complexities and Ecological Similarities, Author: Clement A. Tisdell
Title: Managing Gender Diversity in Asia: A Research Companion, Author: Mustafa F. Ozbilgin
Title: The Nature of Corporate Governance: The Significance of National Cultural Identity, Author: Janet Dine
Title: Research Handbook on the Wto Agriculture Agreement, Author: Joseph A. McMahon
Title: Achieving a Sustainable Global Energy System: Identifying Possibilities Using Long-Term Energy Scenarios, Author: Leo Schrattenholzer
Title: Handbook of Political Citizenship and Social Movements, Author: Hein-Anton van der Heijden
Title: Regional and Urban Policy and Planning on the Korean Peninsula, Author: Chang-Hee Christine Bae
Title: Women and Minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: Upping the Numbers, Author: Ronald J. Burke

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