Title: Economic Catch-up and Technological Leapfrogging: The Path to Development and Macroeconomic Stability in Korea, Author: Keun Lee
Title: Labor Standards in International Supply Chains, Author: Daniel Berliner
Title: Peace in Northeast Asia: Resolving Japan's Territorial and Maritime Disputes with China, Korea and the Russian Federation, Author: Thomas J. Schoenbaum
Title: Conservation, Biodiversity and International Law, Author: Alexander Gillespie
Title: How Can HR Drive Growth?, Author: George Saridakis
Title: Empirical International Trade, Author: Daniel M. Bernhofen
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Title: The Growth of Firms: A Survey of Theories and Empirical Evidence, Author: Alex Coad
Title: Advanced Introduction to Organised Crime, Author: Leslie Holmes
Title: Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Urban Economies, Author: Peter Karl Kresl
Title: Lawyers, Markets and Regulation, Author: Frank H. Stephen
Title: Technological Innovation and Prize Incentives: The Google Lunar X Prize and Other Aerospace Competitions, Author: Luciano Kay
Title: New Developments in UK and EU Competition Policy, Author: Roger Clarke
Title: How to Conduct a Practice-based Study: Problems and Methods, Author: Silvia Gherardi
Title: European Science and Technology Policy: Towards Integration or Fragmentation?, Author: Henri Delanghe
Title: Climate Change and Flood Risk Management: Adaptation and Extreme Events at the Local Level, Author: E. Carina H. Keskitalo
Title: The Politics of Climate Change Negotiations: Strategies and Variables in Prolonged International Negotiations, Author: Christian Downie
Title: EU Environmental Legislation: Legal Perspectives on Regulatory Strategies, Author: Marjan Peeters
Title: Entrepreneurship, Social Capital and Governance: Directions for the Sustainable Development and Competitiveness of Regions, Author: Charlie Karlsson
Title: The Islamic Debt Market for Sukuk Securities: The Theory and Practice of Profit Sharing Investment, Author: Mohamed Ariff
Title: Regional Environmental Law, Author: Werner Scholtz

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