Title: How to Get Published in the Best Marketing Journals, Author: David W. Stewart
Title: Advanced Introduction to Law and Development, Author: Michael J. Trebilcock
Title: Transatlantic Food and Agricultural Trade Policy: 50 Years of Conflict and Convergence, Author: Timothy E. Josling
Title: The Paradox of Regulation: What Regulation Can Achieve and What it Cannot, Author: Fiona Haines
Title: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Evolving Economies: The Role of Law, Author: Megan M. Carpenter
Title: Governance and Nationbuilding: The Failure of International Intervention, Author: Kate Jenkins
Title: Leadership in Context: The Four Faces of Capitalism, Author: M. N. Wexler
Title: The End of Marriage?: Individualism and Intimate Relations, Author: Jane Lewis
Title: Unmasking the Entrepreneur, Author: Campbell Jones
Title: Managing the New Workforce: International Perspectives on the Millennial Generation, Author: Eddy S. Ng
Title: Welfare State, Universalism and Diversity, Author: Anneli Anttonen
Title: The Economy of China, Author: Linda Yueh
Title: Law as Engineering: Thinking About What Lawyers Do, Author: David Howarth
Title: Business Models for Sustainability, Author: Peter E. Wells
Title: Economics, the Environment and Our Common Wealth, Author: James K. Boyce
Title: Advanced Introduction to Public Policy, Author: B. Guy Peters
Title: Unemployment, Recession and Effective Demand: The Contributions of Marx, Keynes and Kalecki, Author: Claudio Sardoni
Title: How Far to Nudge?: Assessing Behavioural Public Policy, Author: Peter John
Title: Managing Food Safety and Hygiene: Governance and Regulation as Risk Management, Author: Bridget M. Hutter
Title: Public Microeconomics: Efficiency and Equity in Public Policy, Author: Joaquim Silvestre

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