Title: The Future of Work and Employment, Author: Adrian Wilkinson Pre-Order Now
Title: Changing Climate, Changing Economy, Author: Jean-Philippe Touffut
Title: Advanced Introduction to Consumer Behavior Analysis, Author: Gordon Foxall
Title: Pragmatism and Political Crisis Management: Principle and Practical Rationality During the Financial Crisis, Author: Christopher Ansell Pre-Order Now
Title: Post Keynesian Theory and Policy: A Realistic Analysis of the Market Oriented Capitalist Economy, Author: Paul Davidson
Title: Augustin Cournot: Modelling Economics, Author: Jean-Philippe Touffut
Title: Economic Growth in an Open Developing Economy: The Role of Structure and Demand, Author: A. P. Thirlwall
Title: Handbook of Research Methods on Intuition, Author: Marta Sinclair
Title: Fair Wages: Strengthening Corporate Social Responsibility, Author: Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead
Title: Introduction to Transport Policy: A Public Policy View, Author: Peter Stopher
Title: Transforming European Employment Policy: Labour Market Transitions and the Promotion of Capability, Author: Ralf Rogowski
Title: Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods on Human Resource Management: Innovative Techniques, Author: Keith Townsend
Title: Deficits, Debt, and Democracy: Wrestling with Tragedy on the Fiscal Commons, Author: Richard E. Wagner
Title: International Aid and Private Schools for the Poor, Author: Pauline Dixon
Title: The The Automotive Industry in a ERA of Eco-Austerity: Creating an Industry As If the Planet Mattered, Author: Peter E. Wells
Title: The Water-Sustainable City: Science, Policy and Practice, Author: David L. Feldman
Title: Institutional Theory and Organizational Change, Author: Staffan Furusten
Title: Productivity and the Pandemic: Challenges and Insights from Covid-19, Author: Philip McCann Pre-Order Now
Title: Growing the Productivity of Government Services, Author: Patrick Dunleavy
Title: From Civil to Human Rights: Dialogues on Law and Humanities in the United States and Europe, Author: Helle  Porsdam

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