Title: Teaching Entrepreneurship: A Practice-Based Approach, Author: Heidi M. Neck
Title: Wealth, Welfare and Sustainability: Advances in Measuring Sustainable Development, Author: Kirk Hamilton
Title: Seasons of a Scholar: Some Personal Reflections of an International Business Economist, Author: John H. Dunning
Title: The Economic Theory of Professional Team Sports: An Analytical Treatment - Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Stefan Kesenne
Title: Handbook on Contemporary Austrian Economics, Author: Peter J. Boettke
Title: Leadership in Context: The Four Faces of Capitalism, Author: M. N. Wexler
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Title: Essentials of Entrepreneurship: Evidence and Practice, Author: Robert A. Baron
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Title: Changing Climate, Changing Economy, Author: Jean-Philippe Touffut
Title: Game Theory and Public Policy, Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Roger A. McCain
Title: Capitalism as a Moral System: Adam Smith's Critique of the Free Market Economy, Author: Spencer J. Pack
Title: How to Get Published in the Best Marketing Journals, Author: David W. Stewart
Title: Keynes and the Quest for a Moral Science: A Study of Economics and Alchemy, Author: Wayne Parsons
Title: The Regulatory Response to the Financial Crisis, Author: Charles A.E. Goodhart
Title: Academic Entrepreneurship in Europe, Author: Mike Wright
Title: Leadership and Institutions in Regional Endogenous Development, Author: Robert Stimson
Title: Economic Geographies of Globalisation: A Short Introduction, Author: Martin Sokol
Title: Institutions and Development, Author: Mary M. Shirley
Title: Advanced Introduction to International Humanitarian Law, Author: Robert Kolb
Title: Changing Big Business: The Globalisation of the Fair Trade Movement, Author: Anna Hutchens
Title: International Economics and Confusing Politics, Author: David Robertson

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