Title: Competition Policy and Regional Integration in Developing Countries, Author: Josef Drexl
Title: Transport, the Environment and Security: Making the Connection, Author: Rae Zimmerman
Title: Research Handbook in International Economic Law, Author: Andrew T. Guzman
Title: The Dynamics of Co-Evolution: A Case Study of the Development of China's Port Industry, Author: John Child
Title: Environmental Assessments: Scenarios, Modelling and Policy, Author: K. N. Ninan
Title: Handbook on Climate Change and Human Security, Author: Michael R. Redclift
Title: Innovation, Global Change and Territorial Resilience, Author: Philip Cooke
Title: Handbook of Research on Born Globals, Author: Mika Gabrielsson
Title: Occupational Health and Safety for Small and Medium Enterprises, Author: E. Kevin Kelloway
Title: International Organizations: A Companion, Author: Michael Davies
Title: China's Urban Century, Author: Francois Gipouloux
Title: Research Handbook on Nationalism, Author: Liah Greenfeld
Title: Research Handbook on the WTO and Technical Barriers to Trade, Author: Tracey Epps
Title: International Handbook of Teaching and Learning Tourism, Author: Pierre Benckendorff
Title: Handbook of Economic Organization: Integrating Economic and Organization Theory, Author: Anna Grandori
Title: Modern Cost-Benefit Analysis of Hydropower Conflicts, Author: Per-Olov Johansson
Title: The Institutions of the Enlarged European Union: Continuity and Change, Author: Edward Best
Title: International Review of National Competitiveness: A Detailed Analysis of Sources and Rankings, Author: Dong-Sung Cho
Title: Electricity Reform in Europe: Towards a Single Energy Market, Author: Jean-Michel Glachant
Title: Governance, Democracy and Sustainable Development: Moving Beyond the Impasse?, Author: James Meadowcroft

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