Title: Handbook on Implementation Science, Author: Per Nilsen
Title: Labor Standards in International Supply Chains, Author: Daniel Berliner
Title: Peace in Northeast Asia: Resolving Japan's Territorial and Maritime Disputes with China, Korea and the Russian Federation, Author: Thomas J. Schoenbaum
Title: Mastering the Ethical Dimensions of Organizations, Author: Donna Ladkin
Title: The Future of Animal Law, Author: David Favre Pre-Order Now
Title: Handbook of Organised Crime and Politics, Author: Felia Allum
Title: Globalized Freight Transport: Intermodality, E-commerce, Logistics and Sustainability, Author: Thomas R. Leinbach
Title: The Politics of Recession, Author: Maurice Mullard
Title: Handbook for Sustainable Tourism Practitioners: The Essential Toolbox, Author: Anna Spenceley Pre-Order Now
Title: Protecting Minority Rights in African Countries: A Constitutional Political Economy Approach, Author: John M. Mbaku
Title: Economics of European Union Law, Author: Paul B. Stephan
Title: Handbook of Research on Identity Theory in Marketing, Author: Americus Reed
Title: The Role of International Organizations in Social Policy: Ideas, Actors and Impact, Author: Rune Ervik
Title: Women, Gender and Development in Rural China, Author: Tamara Jacka
Title: Competition Policy and the Economic Approach: Foundations and Limitations, Author: Josef Drexl
Title: World Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurship, Author: Leo-Paul Dana
Title: Handbook of Research on Sustainable Consumption, Author: Lucia A. Reisch
Title: Organizations and the Sustainability Mosaic Crafting Long-Term Ecological and Societal Solutions, Author: Sanjay Sharma
Title: Handbook of Globalisation and Development, Author: Kenneth A. Reinert
Title: Research Handbook on the History of Copyright Law, Author: Isabella Alexander

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