Title: Handbook on Implementation Science, Author: Per Nilsen
Title: Economic Catch-up and Technological Leapfrogging: The Path to Development and Macroeconomic Stability in Korea, Author: Keun Lee
Title: Labor Standards in International Supply Chains, Author: Daniel Berliner
Title: Peace in Northeast Asia: Resolving Japan's Territorial and Maritime Disputes with China, Korea and the Russian Federation, Author: Thomas J. Schoenbaum
Title: Mastering the Ethical Dimensions of Organizations, Author: Donna Ladkin
Title: Economics of the Environment: Selected Readings, Seventh Edition, Author: Robert N. Stavins
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Title: Thinking Differently about Leadership: A Critical History of Leadership Studies, Author: Suze Wilson
Title: Handbook on Wealth and the Super-Rich, Author: Iain Hay
Title: Regional Competitiveness and Smart Specialization in Europe: Place-based Development in International Economic Networks, Author: Mark Thissen
Title: Seasons of a Scholar: Some Personal Reflections of an International Business Economist, Author: John H. Dunning
Title: Research Handbook on Private Law Theory, Author: Hanoch Dagan Pre-Order Now
Title: Handbook of Policy Transfer, Diffusion and Circulation, Author: Osmany Porto de Oliveira Pre-Order Now
Title: International Review of National Competitiveness: A Detailed Analysis of Sources and Rankings, Author: Dong-Sung Cho
Title: Handbook of Microcredit in Europe: Social Inclusion through Microenterprise Development, Author: Barbara Jayo Carboni
Title: Unbalanced Growth from a Balanced Perspective, Author: Carl Chiarella Pre-Order Now
Title: A Research Agenda for Border Studies, Author: James W. Scott Pre-Order Now
Title: The Politics of Structural Reforms: Social and Industrial Policy Change in Italy and Japan, Author: Hideko Magara
Title: Commentary on the Energy Charter Treaty, Author: Rafael Leal-Arcas
Title: Frontiers in Pension Finance, Author: Dirk Broeders
Title: EU Internet Law, Author: Andrej Savin

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