Title: Entrepreneurship and Religion, Author: Leo-Paul Dana
Title: Edward and Lane on European Union Law, Author: David Edward
Title: Financial Development, Integration and Stability: Evidence from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Author: Klaus Liebscher
Title: Contract Law and Economics / Edition 2, Author: Gerrit De Geest
Title: Macroeconomics and the Environment: Essays on Green Accounting, Author: Salah El Serafy
Title: Law, Economics, and Evolutionary Theory, Author: Peer Zumbansen
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Title: Handbook Contingent Valuation, Author: Anna Alberini
Title: How Markets Work: Supply, Demand and the 'Real World', Author: Robert E. Prasch
Title: Gene Cartels: Biotech Patents in the Age of Free Trade, Author: Luigi Palombi
Title: Changing Climate, Changing Economy, Author: Jean-Philippe Touffut
Title: A Handbook of Terrorism and Insurgency in Southeast Asia, Author: Andrew T.H. Tan
Title: Economics and the Enforcement of European Competition Law, Author: Christopher Decker
Title: Handbook of Research on High-Technology Entrepreneurs, Author: Ayala Malach-Pines
Title: Beyond Inflation Targeting: Assessing the Impacts and Policy Alternatives, Author: Gerald A. Epstein
Title: Handbook of Pricing Research in Marketing, Author: Vithala R. Rao
Title: The Economic Growth Engine: How Energy and Work Drive Material Prosperity, Author: Robert U. Ayres
Title: CostBenefit Analysis and Incentives in Evaluation, Author: Massimo Florio
Title: Sectoral Systems of Innovation and Production in Developing Countries: Actors, Structure and Evolution, Author: Franco Malerba
Title: Twenty-First Century Macroeconomics: Responding to the Climate Challenge, Author: Jonathan M. Harris
Title: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Health Care Evaluations, Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Robert J. Brent

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