Title: The Origins of Law and Economics: Essays by the Founding Fathers, Author: Francesco Parisi
Title: Handbook of Research in Trans-Atlantic Antitrust, Author: Philip Marsden
Title: Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Author: Josef Drexl
Title: Economics of Tax Law, Author: David A. Weisbach
Title: Global Privacy Protection: The First Generation, Author: James B. Rule
Title: Research Handbook on the Economics of Insurance Law, Author: Daniel Schwarcz
Title: Patent Law in Greater China / Edition 2, Author: Stefan Luginbuehl
Title: Gene Cartels: Biotech Patents in the Age of Free Trade, Author: Luigi Palombi
Title: Distributive Justice and the New Medicine, Author: George P. Smith II
Title: The Elgar Companion to the Economics of Property Rights, Author: Enrico Colombatto
Title: The Regulatory Challenge of Biotechnology: Human Genetics, Food and Patents, Author: Han Somsen
Title: Inequality and Economic Development : The Modern Perspective, Author: Oded Galor
Title: Intellectual Property Policy Reform: Fostering Innovation and Development, Author: Christopher Arup
Title: Making European Community Law: The Legacy of Advocate General Francis Jacobs at the Ecj, Author: Philip Moser
Title: International Trade and Investment Law: Multilateral, Regional and Bilateral Governance, Author: Rafael Leal-Arcas
Title: Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Software Technologies: The Economics of Monopoly Rights and Knowledge Disclosure, Author: Elad Harison
Title: Regulating Disasters, Climate Change and Environmental Harm: Lessons from the Indonesian Experience, Author: Michael Faure
Title: Pioneers of Law and Economics, Author: Lloyd R. Cohen
Title: Handbook of Research on International Consumer Law, Author: Geraint Howells
Title: The Legal Protection of Databases: A Comparative Analysis, Author: Estelle Derclaye

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