Title: How to Get Published in the Best Marketing Journals, Author: David W. Stewart
Title: Handbook of the International Political Economy of Monetary Relations, Author: Thomas Oatley
Title: Multinational Human Resource Management and the Law: Common Workplace Problems in Different Legal Environments, Author: Matthew W. Finkin
Title: The Politics of Climate Change Negotiations: Strategies and Variables in Prolonged International Negotiations, Author: Christian Downie
Title: Simon S. Kuznets, Theodore W. Schultz, W. Arthur Lewis and Robert M. Solow, Author: Howard R. Vane
Title: Putting Econometrics in Its Place: A New Direction in Applied Economics, Author: G. M.P. Swann
Title: Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Author: Josef Drexl
Title: A Dictionary of Intellectual Property Law, Author: Peter Groves
Title: Islamic Finance: Principles and Practice, Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Hans Visser
Title: Trade Liberalisation and the Poverty of Nations, Author: A. P. Thirlwall
Title: EU Competition Enforcement and Human Rights, Author: Arianna Andreangeli
Title: Young Workers in the Global Economy: Job Challenges in North America, Europe and Japan, Author: Gregory DeFreitas
Title: Handbook of Research on Venture Capital, Author: Hans Landstrom
Title: Cultural Mythology and Global Leadership, Author: Eric H. Kessler
Title: Government and Public Health in America, Author: Ronald Hamowy
Title: Social Innovations, Institutional Change and Economic Performance: Making Sense of Structural Adjustment Processes in Industrial Sectors, Regions and Societies, Author: Timo J. Hamalainen
Title: Handbook of Research on Cost-Benefit Analysis, Author: Robert J. Brent
Title: The Foundations of Credit Risk Analysis, Author: Willi Semmler
Title: Ralph Harris in His Own Words, the Selected Writings of Lord Harris, Author: Ralph Harris
Title: Asian Firms: History, Institutions, and Management, Author: Frank B. Tipton

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