Title: Research Handbook in International Economic Law, Author: Andrew T. Guzman
Title: Governance, Democracy and Sustainable Development: Moving Beyond the Impasse?, Author: James Meadowcroft
Title: Handbook Contingent Valuation, Author: Anna Alberini
Title: Innovation in Environmental Policy?: Integrating the Environment for Sustainability, Author: Andrew J. Jordan
Title: Changing Big Business: The Globalisation of the Fair Trade Movement, Author: Anna Hutchens
Title: Developments in the Economics of Privatization and Regulation, Author: Michael A. Crew
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Title: Recent Developments in Monopoly and Competition Policy, Author: George Norman
Title: Pricing Nature: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Environmental Policy, Author: Nick Hanley
Title: The Economics of Small Island Tourism: International Demand and Country Risk Analysis, Author: Riaz Shareef
Title: Fiscal Reform in Spain: Accomplishments and Challenges, Author: Jorge Martinez-Vazquez
Title: Poverty Strategies in Asia a Growth Plus Approach, Author: John Weiss
Title: Entrepreneurship and Growth in Local, Regional and National Economies: Frontiers in European Entrepreneurship Research, Author: David Smallbone
Title: Entrepreneurship, Industrial Location and Economic Growth, Author: Jopep M. Arauzo-Carod
Title: Keynes, the Keynesians and Monetarism, Author: Tim Congdon
Title: International Trade and Investment Law: Multilateral, Regional and Bilateral Governance, Author: Rafael Leal-Arcas
Title: Multinational Enterprises and Emerging Challenges of the 21st Century, Author: John H. Dunning
Title: The Making of International Environmental Treaties: Neoliberal and Constructivist Analyses of Normative Evolution, Author: Gerald Nagtzaam
Title: Social Innovations, Institutional Change and Economic Performance: Making Sense of Structural Adjustment Processes in Industrial Sectors, Regions and Societies, Author: Timo J. Hamalainen
Title: Economic Geographies of Globalisation: A Short Introduction, Author: Martin Sokol
Title: Promoting Sustainable Electricity in Europe: Challenging the Path Dependence of Dominant Energy Systems, Author: William M. Lafferty

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