Title: Research Handbook on Public Choice and Public Law, Author: Daniel A. Farber
Title: Global Pharmaceutical Policy: Ensuring Medicines for Tomorrow's World, Author: Frederick M. Abbott
Title: Does Decentralization Enhance Poverty Reduction and Service Delivery?, Author: Ehtisham Ahmad
Title: Rural Transformations and Development in China: Policy Interventions for the 21st Century, Author: Norman Long
Title: Cultural Mythology and Global Leadership, Author: Eric H. Kessler
Title: Economics of Mass Media, Author: Gillian Doyle
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Title: Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Marketing, Author: Russell W. Belk
Title: Lessons on Leadership by Terror / Edition 1, Author: Author
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Title: Supermarkets and Agri-Food Supply Chains: Transformations in the Production and Consumption of Foods, Author: David Burch
Title: Distributional Impacts of Climate Change and Disasters : Concepts and Cases, Author: Matthias Ruth
Title: Handbook ENV Tech Management, Author: Dora Marinova
Title: Promoting Sustainable Electricity in Europe: Challenging the Path Dependence of Dominant Energy Systems, Author: William M. Lafferty
Title: International Handbook of Urban Policy: Contentious Global Issues, Author: H. S. Geyer
Title: Handbook of Social Capital: The Troika of Sociology, Political Science and Economics, Author: Gert Tingaard Svendsen
Title: Regulatory Economics and Quantitative Methods: Evidence from Latin America, Author: Omar O. Chisari
Title: Handbook of Research on Gender and Economic Life, Author: Deborah M. Figart
Title: Poverty Strategies in Asia a Growth Plus Approach, Author: John Weiss
Title: Work After Globalisation : Building Occupational Citizenship, Author: Guy Standing
Title: Handbook of the Sharing Economy, Author: Russell W. Belk
Title: Globalization and Poverty, Author: Paul Collier

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