Title: Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Urban Economies, Author: Peter Karl Kresl
Title: Financial Crime in the 21st Century: Law and Policy, Author: Nicholas Ryder
Title: Handbook of Accounting and Development, Author: Trevor Hopper
Title: Climate Law and Developing Countries: Legal and Policy Challenges for the World Economy, Author: Benjamin J. Richardson
Title: Contemporary Issues in Refugee Law, Author: Satvinder Singh Juss
Title: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Successful Start-ups and Businesses in Emerging Economies, Author: Ruta Aidis
Title: Water and the Law: Towards Sustainability, Author: Michael Kidd
Title: Handbook of Research Methods in Migration, Author: Carlos Vargas-Silva
Title: Management Education for the World: A Vision for Business Schools Serving People and Planet, Author: Katrin Muff
Title: Intellectual Property and Sustainable Development: Development Agendas in a Changing World, Author: Ricardo Melendez-Ortiz
Title: The International Handbook on Gender, Migration and Transnationalism: Global and Development Perspectives, Author: Laura Oso
Title: Handbook of Social Policy and Development, Author: James Midgley Pre-Order Now
Title: Federal Rivers: Managing Water in Multi-Layered Political Systems, Author: Dustin E. Garrick
Title: The Macroeconomics of Finance-Dominated Capitalism and Its Crisis, Author: Eckhard Hein
Title: New Welfare States in East Asia: Global Challenges and Restructuring, Author: Gyu-Jin Hwang
Title: Handbook on China and Developing Countries, Author: Carla P. Freeman
Title: China, Japan and Regional Leadership in East Asia, Author: Christopher M. Dent
Title: Low Carbon Communities: Imaginative Approaches to Combating Climate Change Locally, Author: Michael Peters
Title: Paying the Polluter: Environmentally Harmful Subsidies and their Reform, Author: Frans H. Oosterhuis
Title: Regulating Health Foods, Author: Jill E. Hobbs

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