Title: International Handbook on the Economics of Migration, Author: Amelie F. Constant
Title: Electricity and Energy Policy in Britain, France and the United States since 1945, Author: Martin Chick
Title: Sovereign Finance and the Poverty of Nations: Odious Debt in International Law, Author: Yvonne Wong
Title: Intellectual Property and Antitrust : A Comparative Economic Analysis of U.s. and EU Law, Author: Mariateresa Maggiolino
Title: Governance of Genetic Resources: A Guide to Navigating the Complex Global Landscape, Author: Catherine Rhodes
Title: Keynes, the Keynesians and Monetarism, Author: Tim Congdon
Title: International Handbook on Migration and Economic Development, Author: Robert E.B. Lucas
Title: Handbook on the Economics of Conflict, Author: Derek L. Braddon
Title: Trade and Industrial Development in East Asia: Catching up or Falling Behind, Author: Peter C.Y. Chow
Title: Handbook on Responsible Leadership and Governance in Global Business, Author: J. P. Doh
Title: International Economic Law and the Digital Divide: A New Silk Road?, Author: Rohan Kariyawasam
Title: A Handbook of Comparative Social Policy, Second Edition, Author: Patricia Kennett
Title: A Handbook of Transport Economics, Author: Andre de Palma
Title: The Economic Growth Engine: How Energy and Work Drive Material Prosperity, Author: Robert U. Ayres
Title: Business Ethics and Corporate Sustainability, Author: Antonio Tencati
Title: Economics of Water Resources, Author: R. Q. Grafton
Title: Reshaping Regional Policy, Author: Harry W. Richardson
Title: Research Handbook on Torture: Legal and Medical Perspectives on Prohibition and Prevention, Author: Malcolm D. Evans Pre-Order Now
Title: Public Microeconomics: Efficiency and Equity in Public Policy, Author: Joaquim Silvestre
Title: Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Marketing, Author: Russell W. Belk

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