Title: Currency and Competitiveness in Europe, Author: Klaus Liebscher
Title: Governpreneurship: Establishing a Thriving Entrepreneurial Spirit in Government, Author: Robert D. Hisrich
Title: Handbook of Regional Growth and Development Theories, Author: Roberta Capello
Title: The Strategy of Small Firms : Strategic Management and Innovation in the Small Firm, Author: Tim Mazzarol
Title: Social Capital and Rural Development in the Knowledge Society, Author: Hans Westlund
Title: Financial Models and Society: Villains or Scapegoats?, Author: Ekaterina Svetlova
Title: Economic Disasters of the Twentieth Century, Author: Michael J. Oliver
Title: Finance in an Age of Austerity: The Power of Customer-owned Banks, Author: Johnston Birchall
Title: International Governance and Law: State Regulation and Non-state Law, Author: Hanneke van Schooten
Title: Human Rights: Old Problems, New Possibilities, Author: David Kinley
Title: Patent Policy and Innovation: Do Legal Rules Deliver Effective Economic Outcomes?, Author: Hazel V.J. Moir
Title: Handbook of Research on Techno-Entrepreneurship, Second Edition: How Technology and Entrepreneurship are Shaping the Development of Industries and Companies, Author: Francois Therin
Title: Regulating Development: Evidence from Africa and Latin America, Author: Edmund Amann
Title: Handbook of Sustainable Innovation, Author: Frank Boons Pre-Order Now
Title: Counter-Terrorism, Human Rights and the Rule of Law: Crossing Legal Boundaries in Defence of the State, Author: Aniceto Masferrer
Title: Patenting Medical and Genetic Diagnostic Methods, Author: Eddy D. Ventose
Title: Emerging Issues in Intellectual Property: Trade, Technology and Market FreedomEssays in Honour of Herchel Smith, Author: Guido Westkamp
Title: Local Government Reform: A Comparative Analysis of Advanced Anglo-American Countries, Author: Brian E. Dollery
Title: Handbook of Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Author: David B. Audretsch
Title: Management and Happiness, Author: Cary Cooper

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