Title: Strategy Making in a Crisis: From Analysis to Imagination, Author: Michael Gibbert
Title: Recent Developments in Labor Economics, Author: John T. Addison
Title: Political Failure by Agreement: Learning Liberalism and the Welfare State, Author: Gerhard Wegner
Title: Health, Mortality and the Standard of Living in Europe and North America since 1700, Author: Roderick Floud
Title: Subnational Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Transatlantic Cooperation between the United States and Germany, Author: Holley Andrea Ralston
Title: Economics of Intellectual Property Law, Author: Robert P. Merges
Title: Handbook of Research on Comparative Human Resource Management, Author: Chris Brewster
Title: Comparative Law and Society, Author: David S. Clark
Title: Research Handbook on Post-Conflict State Building, Author: Paul R. Williams
Title: Principles of International Humanitarian Law, Author: Jonathan Crowe
Title: Economics of Tax Law, Author: David A. Weisbach
Title: Innovation, Economic Growth and the Firm: Theory and Evidence of Industrial Dynamics, Author: Jean-Luc Gaffard
Title: Societal Entrepreneurship: Positioning, Penetrating, Promoting, Author: Karin Berglund
Title: The Legal Protection of Databases: A Comparative Analysis, Author: Estelle Derclaye
Title: What's Wrong with Keynesian Economic Theory?, Author: Steven Kates
Title: The Media and Political Change in Southeast Asia: Karaoke Culture and the Evolution of Personality Politics, Author: Jonathan Woodier
Title: Handbook on Regional Economic Resilience, Author: Gillian Bristow
Title: Chicago Price Theory, Author: J. D. Hammond
Title: Minsky's Moment: An Insider's View on the Economics of Hyman Minsky, Author: Piero Ferri
Title: Economic Behavior, Economic Freedom, and Entrepreneurship, Author: Richard J. Cebula

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