Title: The Future of Work and Employment, Author: Adrian Wilkinson Pre-Order Now
Title: Handbook on Implementation Science, Author: Per Nilsen
Title: Labor Standards in International Supply Chains, Author: Daniel Berliner
Title: Peace in Northeast Asia: Resolving Japan's Territorial and Maritime Disputes with China, Korea and the Russian Federation, Author: Thomas J. Schoenbaum
Title: Mastering the Ethical Dimensions of Organizations, Author: Donna Ladkin
Title: A Handbook of Cultural Economics, Second Edition, Author: Ruth Towse
Title: A Defense of Intellectual Property Rights, Author: Richard A. Spinello
Title: Negotiating a Preferential Trading Agreement : Issues, Constraints and Practical Options, Author: Sisira Jayasuriya
Title: The Shareholder Rights Directive II: A Commentary, Author: Hanne S. Birkmose Pre-Order Now
Title: Home Care for Ageing Populations: A Comparative Analysis of Domiciliary Care in Denmark, Germany and the United States, Author: Martha Doyle
Title: Handbook of Security and the Environment, Author: Ashok Swain Pre-Order Now
Title: How to Fast-Track Your Academic Career: A Guide for Mid-Career Scholars, Author: Adam Lindgreen Pre-Order Now
Title: Strategic Conflict Management: A Game-Theoretical Introduction, Author: Peter-J Jost
Title: Research Handbook on the Sociology of Law, Author: Jiri Priban
Title: International Handbook on Diversity Management at Work Country Perspectives on Diversity and Equal Treatment, Author: Alain Klarsfeld
Title: Introduction to Transport Policy: A Public Policy View, Author: Peter Stopher
Title: Money and Monetary Systems, Author: Filippo Cesarano
Title: Handbook on Performance Management in the Public Sector, Author: Deborah Blackman Pre-Order Now
Title: The Economics of Evaluation in Public Programs, Author: Albert N. Link
Title: Exchange and Development: An Anatomy of Economic Transactions, Author: Peter A. Cornelisse

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