Title: Poverty Strategies in Asia a Growth Plus Approach, Author: John Weiss
Title: Managing without Growth, Second Edition: Slower by Design, not Disaster, Author: Peter A. Victor
Title: Handbook of Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Post 9/11, Author: David Martin Jones
Title: Intellectual Property Rights and the Financing of Technological Innovation: Public Policy and the Efficiency of Capital Markets, Author: Carl Benedikt Frey
Title: Mergers and Acquisitions, Author: J. Harold Mulherin
Title: Local Societies and Rural Development: Self-organization and Participatory Development in Asia, Author: Shinichi Shigetomi
Title: A Research Agenda for Regeneration Economies: Reading City-Regions, Author: John R. Bryson
Title: Handbook on Research in Relationship Marketing, Author: Robert M. Morgan
Title: Entrepreneurship Education, Author: Patricia G. Greene
Title: The Future of Intermodal Freight Transport:Operations, Design and Policy, Author: Rob Konings
Title: Production of Legal Rules, Author: Francesco Parisi
Title: Research Handbook on Entrepreneurial Behavior, Practice and Process, Author: William B. Gartner
Title: The Rise of Transnational Corporations from Emerging Markets, Author: Karl P. Sauvant
Title: Teaching in the Global Business Classroom, Author: Carol Dalglish
Title: Knowledge Policy, Author: Greg Hearn
Title: Research Handbook on the European Union and International Organizations, Author: Ramses A. Wessel
Title: Research Handbook on Behavioral Law and Economics, Author: Joshua C. Teitelbaum
Title: Microfinance: Emerging Trends and Challenges, Author: Suresh Sundaresan
Title: Business Law for Entrepreneurs, Author: Margo E.K. Reder
Title: (De)mobilizing the Entrepreneurial Discourse: Exploring Entrepreneurial Thinking and Action, Author: Frederic Bill

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