Title: CALIGULA: DIVINE CARNAGE: Atrocities Of The Roman Emperors, Author: Stephen Barber
Title: CALIGULA: BEAST OF ROME, Author: Vixen Valdez
Title: Minski The Cannibal, Author: The Marquis De Sade
Title: HELLBOUND: The Sadistic Sex Murders Of Harvey Glatman, Author: Edward S. Sullivan
Title: Paris Pussy 3: Vintage Erotic Photography, Author: Jean Le Baptiste
Title: Tokyo Sodom, Author: Stephen Barber
Title: The Magadan Massacres: Stalin's Death-Camp Atrocities, Author: Stephen Barber
Title: Reverie: An Erotic Daydream By Salvador Dali, Author: Salvador Dali
Title: The Hashish Eater: An Apocalypse Of Evil, Author: Clark Ashton Smith
Title: Spring-Heeled Jack: The Terror Of London, Author: Anonymous
Title: Graveyard Spectres: Five Stories by Jean Ray, Author: Jean Ray
Title: Death To The Fascist Insect: The Strange Case Of Patty Hearst And The S.L.A., Author: Genova Jett
Title: ILSE KOCH: BITCH OF BUCHENWALD, Author: Vixen Valdez
Title: Carmilla & True Story Of A Vampire: Two Homoerotic Vampire Classics, Author: J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Title: Flowers Of Evil, Author: Charles Baudelaire
Title: Writings On Hashish And Alcohol: Charles Baudelaire, Author: Charles Baudelaire
Title: Un Chien Andalou: A Film By Luis Bunuel & Salvador Dali, Author: Robert Short
Title: The Image, Author: Jean de Berg
Title: The Divine Marquis: A Study of De Sade, Author: Guillaume Apollinaire

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