Title: Human Resource Management in the Public Sector, Author: Ronald J. Burke
Title: Ideas and Influence, Author: James G. McGann
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Title: Federalism in China and Russia: Story of Success and Story of Failure?, Author: Alexander Libman
Title: Research Handbook on Human Rights and Investments, Author: Yannick Radi
Title: Economics of Business Strategy, Author: J. A. Kay
Title: Research Handbook on the Regulation of Mutual Funds, Author: William A. Birdthistle
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Title: Exchange Rate Economics: The Uncovered Interest Parity Puzzle and Other Anomalies, Author: Norman C. Miller
Title: Handbook of Marketing Analytics: Methods and Applications in Marketing Management, Public Policy, and Litigation Support, Author: Natalie Mizik
Title: War Finance, Author: Larry Neal
Title: Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development, Author: Erik S. Reinert
Title: Integrated Assessment and Management of Public Resources, Author: Joseph C. Cooper
Title: Kritika: Essays on Intellectual Property, Author: Peter Drahos
Title: Governing Disasters: The Challenges of Emergency Risk Regulation, Author: Alberto Alemanno
Title: Law, Knowledge And Culture: The Production of Indigenous Knowledge in Intellectual Property Law, Author: Jane E. Anderson
Title: Economics, Competition and Academia: An Intellectual History of Sophism Versus Virtue, Author: Donald R. Stabile
Title: Global Regionalisms and Higher Education, Author: Susan L. Robertson
Title: Representative Bureaucracy in Action: Country Profiles from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, Author: B. Guy Peters
Title: A Handbook of Industrial Districts, Author: Giacomo Becattini
Title: Intellectual Property Rights as Foreign Direct Investments, Author: Lukas Vanhonnaeker
Title: politics of representative bureaucracy, Author: B. Guy Peters

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