Title: Retail Futures: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Digital Transformation, Author: Eleonora Pantano
Title: The Smart City in a Digital World, Author: Vincent Mosco
Title: Autonomous Driving: How the Driverless Revolution will Change the World, Author: Andreas Herrmann
Title: Exploring Self toward expanding Teaching, Teacher Education and Practitioner Research, Author: Oren Ergas
Title: Indigenous Research Ethics: Claiming Research Sovereignty Beyond Deficit and the Colonial Legacy, Author: Lily George
Title: Women in Leadership: Contextual Dynamics and Boundaries, Second Edition, Author: Karin Klenke
Title: Gender and Contemporary Horror in Comics, Games and Transmedia, Author: Robert Shail
Title: Designing Environments for People with Dementia, Author: Alison Bowes
Title: Egg Freezing, Fertility and Reproductive Choice, Author: Kylie Baldwin
Title: Corporate Ethics for Turbulent Markets: Executive Response to Market Challenges, Author: Oswald Mascarenhas
Title: Gerontechnology, Author: Johanna L.H. Birkland
Title: Young Childrens Play Practices with Digital Tablets, Author: Isabel Froes
Title: Higher Education Researchits Relationship to Policy and Practiceissues in Higher Education Series (Ihes) Volume 15 / Edition 1, Author: U. Teichler
Title: Evolving Leadership for Collective Wellbeing: Lessons for Implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Author: Seana Lowe Steffen
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Title: Team for Change: A Practitioner's Guide to Implementing Change in the Modern Workplace, Author: Debra Orr Ph.D. Pre-Order Now
Title: From Categories to Categorization: Studies in Sociology, Organizations and Strategy at the Crossroads, Author: Emerald Publishing Limited
Title: Building Business Value through Talent: The CEO and CHRO Partnership Guide, Author: Thomas McGuire Pre-Order Now
Title: Advances in Taxation, Author: John Hasseldine
Title: Creativity and Marketing: The Fuel for Success, Author: Eleonora Pantano Pre-Order Now
Title: On Practice and Institution: Theorizing the Interface, Author: Michael Lounsbury

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