Title: Echo in Onyx, Author: Sharon Shinn
Title: The Death of Us: A Novel, Author: Alice Kuipers
Title: Alone with the Stars, Author: David R. Gillham
Title: The Fire at Mary Anne's House, Author: Ann M. Martin
Title: Mary Anne's Makeover, Author: Ann M. Martin
Title: We Three Heroes: A Companion Volume to the Medoran Chronicles, Author: Lynette Noni
Title: Mary Anne and Too Many Boys., Author: Ann M. Martin
Title: Belonging, Author: Karen Ann Hopkins
Title: Remembering You, Author: Sandi Lynn
Title: The Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier, Author: Ann M. Martin
Title: Walking Home, Author: Gloria Goldreich
Title: Mary Anne Misses Logan, Author: Ann M. Martin
Title: Storm Mountain, Author: Tom Birdseye
Title: Enclave, Author: Ann Aguirre
Title: Save the Date, Author: Morgan Matson
Title: Echo in Emerald, Author: Sharon Shinn
Title: Imaginary Numbers, Author: Seanan McGuire
Title: The Conqueror's Wife: A Novel of Alexander the Great, Author: Stephanie Marie Thornton
Title: The Girl Who Fell from the Sky, Author: Heidi W. Durrow
Title: Friend Is Not a Verb, Author: Daniel Ehrenhaft

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