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Title: The Disappearing, Author: Jennifer Torres
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Title: Nature Poetry:
Title: Seeds Sprout!, Author: Mary Dodson Wade
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Title: Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek: Genius Discoverer of Microscopic Life, Author: Lisa Yount
Title: The Life of Bessie Coleman, Author: Connie Plantz
Title: Solids, Liquids, and Gases Science Projects, Author: Robert Gardner
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Title: PCP (The Drug Library), Author: Gerald Newman
Title: Communicating on the Internet, Author: Art Wolinsky
Title: Jim Thorpe: Legendary Athlete, Author: Barbara Long
Title: John Cabot: Early Explorer, Author: Wendy Mass
Title: Lise Meitner: Pioneer of Nuclear Fission, Author: Janet Hamilton
Title: California Gold Rush in American History, Author: Linda Jacobs Altman
Title: Voices from Slavery's Past: Yearning to Be Heard, Author: Suzanne Cloud Tapper
Title: Mathematics for Everyman: From Simple Numbers to Calculus, Author: Egmont Colerus
Title: American Writers of the 20th Century, Author: Carmen Bredeson
Title: William Harvey: Discoverer of How Blood Circulates, Author: Lisa Yount
Title: Teen Rights: At Home, at School, Online, Author: Kathiann M. Kowalski
Title: John Hancock: First Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Author: Dennis Brindell Fradin
Title: Richard Wright: Author of Native Son and Black Boy, Author: Robin Westen
Title: Ancient Greece: A Myreportlinks. COM Book, Author: Kim A. O'Connell

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