Title: Monsters & Madmen: A Death Row Experiment, Author: Nick Yarris
Title: Silent Warriors: Submarine Warfare in the Pacific, Author: Gene Masters
Title: Twenty-Five Angels, Author: Tom Hooker
Title: Manhattan North Narcotics: Chasing the Kilo Fairy, Author: Jake McNicholas
Title: The Laconia Incident, Author: Gene Masters
Title: Accidental Artist: Memoirs of a Flawed & Ignorant Traveller, Author: Lucelle Raad
Title: The War Never Ends, Author: Tom Hooker
Title: Arrancando de la Inocencia Una historia del despertar, Author: Joe Perrone
Title: Knockout!: Kicking Cancer's Ass, Author: B F Squadere
Title: Deadly Ransom: A Matt Davis Mystery, Author: Joe Perrone Jr
Title: Two-Lane Blacktop, Author: Gary Ader
Title: Operation Exodus, Author: Gene Masters
Title: Dos veces mordido (Un misterio de Matt Davis), Author: Joe Perrone Jr
Title: The Prince and the Passion, Author: Emilee Hines
Title: The Trouble with Mattie (The Mattie Mitchell Mystery Series, #1), Author: Mary A. Berger
Title: Meet Matt Davis: The Matt Davis Mystery Series Anthology, Author: Joe Perrone
Title: Árbol que Nace Torcido: Un misterio de Matt Davis, Author: Joe Perrone Jr
Title: The Wounds of Jonas Clark, Author: Gene Masters
Title: Gone Fishin' with Kids: How to Take Your Kid Fishing and Still Be Friends, Author: Manny Luftglass
Title: Broken Promises: A Matt Davis Mystery (The Matt Davis Mystery Series, #4), Author: Joe Perrone

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