Title: The Magic of Mikhail Tal, Author: Joe Gallagher
Title: Starting Out: Modern Benoni, Author: Endre Dr. Vegh
Title: Starting Out: King's Indian Attack, Author: John Emms
Title: Gambiteer I: A Hard-Hitting Chess Opening Repertoire for White, Author: Nigel Davies
Title: French Winawer, Author: Neil McDonald
Title: Chess Secrets:The Giants of Strategy, Author: Neil McDonald
Title: Four Knights, Author: Jan Pinski
Title: Nimzo-Larsen Attack, Author: Byron Jacobs
Title: Starting Out: Attacking Play, Author: James Plaskett
Title: Alekhine's Defence, Author: Nigel Davies
Title: Rapid Chess Improvement, Author: Michael De La De Maza
Title: Beating the King's Indian and Grunfeld, Author: Timothy Taylor
Title: Excelling at Chess, Author: Jacob Aagaard
Title: Simple Winning Chess, Author: Chris Baker
Title: Starting Out: The French, Author: Byron Jacobs
Title: Starting Out: Queens Gambit Accepted, Author: Maxim Chetverik
Title: Endgame Strategy, Author: Mikhail Shereshevsky
Title: Birds Opening: Detailed Coverage of an Underrated and Dynamic Choice for White, Author: Timothy Taylor
Title: Attacking with 1e4, Author: John Emms
Title: Starting Out:The Sicilian Dragon, Author: Andrew Dr Martin

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