Title: Starting Out: Benoni Systems, Author: Jacob Aagaard
Title: The Rules of Winning Chess, Author: Nigel Davies
Title: Starting Out: Rook Endgames, Author: Chris Ward
Title: Play 1..b6: A Dynamic and Hypermodern Opening System for Black, Author: Christian Bauer
Title: Winning Chess Brilliancies, Author: Yasser Seirawan
Title: Paul Keres' Best Games: Closed Games, Author: Egon Varnusz
Title: Starting Out: Scotch Game, Author: John Emms
Title: The Complete Chess Workout, Author: Richard Palliser
Title: It's Your Move, Author: Chris Ward
Title: The Masters: Boris Spassky Master of Initiative, Author: Alexander Der Raetsky
Title: The Great Attackers: Learn from Kasparov, Tal and Stein, Author: Colin Crouch
Title: Dangerous Weapons: The Caro-Kann: Dazzle Your Opponents!, Author: John Emms
Title: Play the English: A Complete Chess Opening Repertoire for White, Author: Craig Pritchett
Title: Starting Out: D-Pawn Attacks: The Colle-Zukertort, Barry and 150 Attacks, Author: Richard Palliser
Title: Garry Kasparov's Chess Puzzle Book, Author: Garry Kasparov
Title: The Philidor Files: Detailed Coverage of a Dynamic Opening, Author: Christian Bauer
Title: Starting Out: Sicilian Scheveningen, Author: Craig Pritchett
Title: Winning Chess Openings, Author: Yasser Seirawan
Title: Winning Chess Combinations, Author: Yasser Seirawan
Title: It's Your Move Improvers, Author: Chris Ward

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