Title: Dangerous Weapons the Pirc and Modern, Author: Richard Palliser
Title: Dangerous Weapons: The Caro-Kann: Dazzle Your Opponents!, Author: John Emms
Title: Attacking Chess: King's Indian, Volume 2, Author: David Vigorito
Title: Excelling at Chess, Author: Jacob Aagaard
Title: Nimzo-Larsen Attack, Author: Byron Jacobs
Title: Starting Out: Chess Tactics and Checkmates, Author: Chris Ward
Title: Rapid Chess Improvement, Author: Michael De La De Maza
Title: The Complete Chess Workout, Author: Richard Palliser
Title: Taming the Sicilian: A Repertoire for White Against the Most Popular Black Opening, Author: Nigel Davies
Title: Play 1e4 e5: A Complete Repertiore for Black in the Open Games, Author: Nigel Davies
Title: Starting Out: Minor Piece Endgames(Everyman Chess Series), Author: John Emms
Title: Play the Caro-Kann: A Complete Chess Opening Repertoire Against 1e4, Author: Jovanka Houska
Title: Half a Century of Chess, Author: Mikhail Botvirnnik
Title: Winning Chess Openings, Author: Yasser Seirawan
Title: Attacking with 1d4, Author: Angus Dunnington
Title: Play the English: A Complete Chess Opening Repertoire for White, Author: Craig Pritchett
Title: Practical Endgame Play - Beyond the Basics: The Definitive Guide to the Endgames That Really Matter, Author: Glenn Flear
Title: Winning Chess Combinations, Author: Yasser Seirawan
Title: Starting Out: Closed Sicilian, Author: Richard Palliser
Title: Starting Out: Benoni Systems, Author: Jacob Aagaard

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