Title: Play Winning Chess, Author: Yasser Seirawan
Title: Discovering Chess Openings: Building a Repertoire from Basic Principles, Author: John Emms
Title: Winning Chess Tactics, Author: Yasser Seirawan
Title: The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal, Author: Mikhail Tal
Title: Art of Attack: Rev. Algebraic Ed., Author: Vladimir Vukovic
Title: Winning Chess Openings, Author: Yasser Seirawan
Title: Mastering Chess Strategy, Author: Johan Hellsten
Title: Garry Kasparov on Fischer - My Great Predecessors Part 4, Author: Garry Kasparov
Title: Winning Chess Strategies, Author: Yasser Seirawan
Title: Opening Repertoire: 1 d4 with 2 c4, Author: Cyrus Lakdawala
Title: Mastering Endgame Strategy, Author: Johan Hellsten
Title: The Ruy Lopez: Move by Move, Author: Neil McDonald
Title: The Italian Game & Evans Gambit, Author: Jan Pinski
Title: Starting Out: Queen's Gambit Declined, Author: Neil McDonald
Title: Starting Out: Queens Gambit Accepted, Author: Maxim Chetverik
Title: Chess Developments: The Modern Benoni, Author: Richard Palliser
Title: Starting Out: Sicilian Grand Prix Attack, Author: Gawain Jones
Title: Starting Out in Backgammon, Author: Paul Lamford
Title: Starting Out: The English, Author: Neil McDonald
Title: Garry Kasparov on My Great Predecessors: Part 3, Author: Garry Kasparov

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