Title: A World Without Heroes: The Brooklyn Novels of Daniel Fuchs, Author: Marcelline Krafchick
Title: Moderata Fonte: Women and Life in Sixteenth-Century Venice, Author: Paola Malpezzi Price
Title: Black Greek 101: The Culture, Customs, and Challenges of Black Fraternities and Soroities, Author: Walter M. Dr. Kimbrough
Title: Worlds of Common Prayer: Liturgical Time and Poetic Re-enchantment, 1827-1935, Author: Chene Heady
Title: The Ring and the Cross: Christianity and the Lord of the Rings, Author: Paul E. Kerry
Title: Utopia and Dystopia in the Age of Trump: Images from Literature and Visual Arts, Author: Barbara Brodman
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Title: Messages of Murder: A Study of the Reports of the Einsatzgruppen of the Security Police and the Security Service, 1941-1943, Author: Ronald Headland
Title: Literature and the Law in South Africa, 1910-2010: The Long Walk to Artistic Freedom, Author: Ted Laros
Title: Kenneth Goldsmith's Recent Works on Paper: Exactly Wrong, Author: Daniel Morris
Title: The Theater of Terrence McNally: Something about Grace, Author: Raymond-Jean Frontain
Title: E. A. Dupont and His Contribution to British Film: Variete, Moulin Rouge, Piccadilly, Atlantic, Two Worlds, Cape Forlorn, Author: Paul Matthew St. Pierre
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Title: A Moment's Monument: Revisionary Poetics and the Nineteenth-Century English Sonnet, Author: Jennifer Ann Wagner
Title: Gendering Italian Fiction: Feminist Revisions of Italian History, Author: Maria Marotti
Title: Spenser in the Moment, Author: Paul J. Hecht
Title: Evelyn Waugh?s Satire: Texts and Contexts, Author: Naomi Milthorpe
Title: Dreamscapes in Italian Cinema, Author: Francesco Pascuzzi
Title: Journey from Paris to the Limousin: Letters to Madame de la Fontaine (1663), Author: Jean de La Fontaine
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Title: Willa Cather and Aestheticism, Author: Ann Moseley
Title: Creating Albert Camus: Foundations and Explorations of His Philosophy of Communication, Author: Brent C. Sleasman
Title: Elsa Morante's Politics of Writing: Rethinking Subjectivity, History, and the Power of Art, Author: Stefania Lucamante

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