Title: Your Turn to Suffer, Author: Tim Waggoner Pre-Order Now
Title: Vintage Crime: from the Crime Writers' Association, Author: Martin Edwards
Title: The Searching Dead, Author: Ramsey Campbell Pre-Order Now
Title: The Goblets Immortal, Author: Beth Overmyer
Title: The Hungry Moon, Author: Ramsey Campbell
Title: Night Shift, Author: Robin Triggs
Title: After Sundown, Author: Mark Morris
Title: Sins of the Father, Author: JG Faherty
Title: Slash, Author: Hunter Shea
Title: The Influence, Author: Ramsey Campbell
Title: The Mouth of the Dark, Author: Tim Waggoner
Title: They Kill, Author: Tim Waggoner
Title: The Sky Woman, Author: J.D. Moyer
Title: The Darkest Lullaby, Author: Jonathan Janz
Title: Tomb of Gods, Author: Brian Moreland
Title: Hellrider, Author: JG Faherty
Title: The City Among the Stars, Author: Francis Carsac
Title: The Garden of Bewitchment, Author: Catherine Cavendish
Title: Misfits, Author: Hunter Shea
Title: The Portal, Author: Russell James

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