Title: Pragmatism, Rights, and Democracy / Edition 1, Author: Beth J. Singer
Paperback $32.15 $35.00 Current price is $32.15, Original price is $35.00.
Title: Notable New Yorkers of Manhattan's Upper West Side: Bloomingdale-Morningside Heights, Author: Jim Mackin
Title: The Metaphysics of Experience: A Companion to Whitehead's Process and Reality, Author: Elizabeth Kraus
Title: Philosophy Americana: Making Philosophy at Home in American Culture, Author: Douglas R. Anderson
Title: Pragmatism as Post-Postmodernism: Lessons from John Dewey / Edition 1, Author: Larry A. Hickman
Title: Quantum Mechanics and the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, Author: Michael Epperson
Title: White Reconstruction: Domestic Warfare and the Logics of Genocide, Author: Dylan Rodríguez
Title: William James on the Courage to Believe, Author: Robert J. O'Connell S.J.
Title: Self, God and Immortality: A Jamesian Investigation, Author: Eugene Fontinell
Title: The Basic Writings of Josiah Royce, Volume II: Logic, Loyalty, and Community, Author: John J. McDermott
Title: Greek: An Intensive Course, 2nd Revised Edition / Edition 2, Author: Hardy Hansen
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Title: The Kingdom Began in Puerto Rico: Neil Connolly's Priesthood in the South Bronx, Author: Angel Garcia
Title: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates: The First Complete, Unexpurgated Text / Edition 1, Author: Harold Holzer
Title: That Further Shore: A Memoir of Irish Roots and American Promise, Author: John D. Feerick
Title: Infectious Liberty: Biopolitics between Romanticism and Liberalism, Author: Robert Mitchell Pre-Order Now
Title: The Neighborhood Manhattan Forgot: Audubon Park and the Families Who Shaped It, Author: Matthew Spady
Title: Combat Reporter: Don Whitehead's World War II Diary and Memoirs / Edition 2, Author: Don Whitehead
Title: The Politics of Survival: Peirce, Affectivity, and Social Criticism, Author: Lara Trout
Title: The Phenomenology of Prayer, Author: Bruce Ellis Benson
Title: The Search for Major Plagge: The Nazi Who Saved Jews, Expanded Edition / Edition 2, Author: Michael Good
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