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Title: Alex and the Alpacas Save the World, Author: Kathryn Lefroy
Title: How I Became the Mr. Big of People Smuggling, Author: Martin Chambers
Title: Goldfields Girl, Author: Elaine Forrestal Pre-Order Now
Title: The Future Keepers, Author: Nandi Chinna
Title: Vodka and Apple Juice: Travels of an Undiplomatic Wife in Poland, Author: Jay Martin
Title: Fish Song, Author: Caitlin Maling
Title: Out of Time, Author: Steve Hawke
Title: Boy on a Wire, Author: Jon Doust
Title: Wombat, Mudlark and Other Stories, Author: Helen Milroy
Title: Ocean Road, Author: Glyn Parry
Title: And Then Like My Dreams, Author: Margaret Rose Stringer
Title: Death Leaves the Station, Author: Alexander Thorpe Pre-Order Now
Title: Driving into the Sun, Author: Marcella Polain
Title: Spinifex & Sunflowers, Author: Avan Judd Stallard
Title: Sand, Author: John Kinsella
Title: The Waterboys, Author: Peter Docker
Title: Reality, Author: Ray Glickman
Title: Swimming on the Lawn, Author: Yasmin Hamid
Title: Dress Rehearsal, Author: Zoe Thurner
Title: The Art of Persuasion, Author: Susan Midalia

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