Title: It Runs in the Family: On Being Raised by Radicals and Growing into Rebellious Motherhood, Author: Frida Berrigan
Title: El aula es la respuesta, Author: Frida Díaz-Barriga Arceo
Title: Top ten - baby, Author: Frida Gråsjö
Title: How to Become a Hat Braider, Author: Parish Frida
Title: Kristina på Hammardalen, Author: Frida Åslund
Title: 88 Melon Recipes: Make Cooking at Home Easier with Melon Cookbook!, Author: Frida Fox
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Title: How to Become a Dividing-machine Operator, Author: Rickard Frida
Title: Hedvig and Max-Olov, Author: Frida Nilsson
Title: Bo Burnham Famous Coloring Book: Whole Mind Regeneration and Untamed Stress Relief Coloring Book for Adults, Author: Frida Chaya
Title: Mandala Coloring Therapy Book - Animal, Author: Frida Phillips
Title: Emerging Markets, Author: Aidan Manktelow
Title: Cook Your Way to Love & Harmony, Author: Frida Antony
Title: Kleopatra und Violette: Zwei tierische Geschichten, Author: Barbara Frida Helene Engelhardt
Title: Mia mamma è un gorilla, e allora?, Author: Frida Nilsson
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Title: Top ten-listan, Author: Frida Gråsjö
Title: The Brave Hearts: The story about two children finding their way home, Author: Frida Staib Hansen
Title: Hedwig and Night Toads, Author: Frida Nilsson
Title: Gertru från Svartliden, Author: Frida Åslund
Title: Ein Fall von Borderline, Author: Frida Kopp
Title: Ze Time: Vladimir Zelensky. Who is he?, Author: Frida Lensky

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