Title: GUCCI: The Making Of, Author: Frida Giannini
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Title: Die Bildwerke in Stein, Holz, Ton und Wachs, Author: Frida Schottmuller
Title: Wohnungskultur und Möbel der italienischen Renaissance, Author: Frida Schottmüller (Hg.)
Title: Intermedialität - Malerei in der Filmkunst: Julie Taymors filmisches Porträt der mexikanischen Künstlerin Frida Kahlo, Author: Anna Jansen
Title: Frida Kahlo. Tout l'oeuvre peint, Author: TASCHEN Pre-Order Now
Title: Culture Control Critique: Allegories of Reading the Present, Author: Frida Beckman
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A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: Arquetipo: Arte y Discapacidad en Frida Kahlo y Anita Mafaltti, Author: Alma Lidia Martinez Olivera
Title: Obstruent Clusters in Optimality Theory, Author: Morelli Frida
Title: National Institutions - International Migration: Labour Markets, Welfare States and Immigration Policy, Author: Frida Borang
Title: Imaging Her Selves: Frida Kahlo's Poetics of Identity and Fragmentation, Author: Gannit Ankori
Title: Control Culture: Foucault and Deleuze after Discipline, Author: Frida Beckman
Title: Deleuze and Sex, Author: Frida Beckman
Title: Reprogen-Ethics and the Future of Gender, Author: Frida Simonstein
Title: Reprogen-Ethics and the Future of Gender / Edition 1, Author: Frida Simonstein
Title: Secular Saints: Performing Frida Kahlo, Carlos Gardel, Eva Peron, and Selena, Author: Sarah M. Misemer
Title: Frida se confiesa, Author: Rev. Rub n Garc a Badillo
Title: The Urbanisation of the North-Western Provinces of the Roman Empire: A Juridical and Functional Approach to Town Life in Roman Gaul, Germania Inferior and Britain, Author: Frida Pellegrino Pre-Order Now
Title: María Izquierdo and Frida Kahlo: Challenging Visions in Modern Mexican Art, Author: Nancy Deffebach