Title: Who Was Frida Kahlo?, Author: Sarah Fabiny
Title: Me, Frida, and the Secret of the Peacock Ring (Scholastic Gold), Author: Angela Cervantes
Title: Frida, el misterio del anillo del pavo real y yo, Author: Angela Cervantes
Title: Frida Kahlo (Revised Edition) (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists), Author: Mike Venezia
Title: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: Their Lives and Ideas, 24 Activities, Author: Carol Sabbeth
Title: Coloring Book Frida Kahlo, Author: Andrea Weibenbach
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Title: The Wandering Goose: A Modern Fable of How Love Goes, Author: Heather L. Earnhardt
Title: Frida & Diego: Art, Love, Life, Author: Catherine Reef
Title: Art Ed Books and Kit: Frida Kahlo, Author: Janet Boris
Title: Frida Kahlo: Artist and Activist, Author: Matt Doeden
Title: Frida Kahlo (Little Guides to Great Lives), Author: Isabel Thomas
Title: Pip Bartlett und die magischen Tiere: Die brandgefährlichen Fussels, Author: Jackson Pearce
Title: Hattie, Author: Frida Nilsson
Title: Pirates des glaces, Author: Frida Nilsson
Title: Frida Superstar: Frida Superstar, Author: Heiko Wolz
Title: Hedvig and Max-Olov, Author: Frida Nilsson
Title: Ishavspirater, Author: Frida Nilsson
Title: Frida: Viva la Vida! Long Live Life, Author: Carmen Bernier-Grand
Title: Born in 1907: Rachel Carson and Frida Kahlo, Author: Julie Knutson
Title: Hedwig and Night Toads, Author: Frida Nilsson

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