Title: Frida Kahlo, Author: Claudia Bauer
Title: Frida Kahlo - Blue Pocket Diary 2021, Author: Flame Tree Studio
Title: Knitting for the Fun of It: Over 40 Projects for the Color-Loving Crafter, Author: Frida Ponten
Title: Frida, Author: Sebastien Paerez
Title: Frida Kahlo: Una biografia, Author: Maria Hess
Title: Devouring Frida: The Art History and Popular Celebrity of Frida Kahlo, Author: Margaret A. Lindauer
Title: Pocket Bios: Frida Kahlo, Author: Al Berenger
Title: Frida Kahlo: Leidenschaften einer großen Malerin. Romanbiografie, Author: Barbara Krause
Title: 100 Jolly Jokes for all Occasions, Author: Frida Malone
Title: 88 Melon Recipes: Make Cooking at Home Easier with Melon Cookbook!, Author: Frida Fox
Title: Shadows From The Abyss, Author: Frida Menkan Mbunda
Title: Ein Fall von Borderline, Author: Frida Kopp
Title: Frida Kahlo: An Open Life, Author: Raquel Tibol
Title: A csigák különös esete, Author: C. F. Reka
Title: Reprogen-Ethics and the Future of Gender / Edition 1, Author: Frida Simonstein
Title: O movimento criativo e pedagógico de Frida Kahlo, Author: Odailso Berté
Title: Arquetipo: Arte y Discapacidad en Frida Kahlo y Anita Mafaltti, Author: Alma Lidia Martinez Olivera
Title: Frida - Stroke of Passion, Author: Odalys Nanin
Title: Frida e l'osso magico, Author: Tatsiana Hirusava
Title: Frida Or the Lover's Leap A Legend of the West Country, Author: R. D. Blackmore

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