Title: The Downfall of a Hustler, Author: G Money
Title: Success in Social Studies: Student Workbook Grades 2-3, Author: Pat-Dene Connell
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Title: Volition, Author: Coby Stewart
Title: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: The Untold Romance between John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel: The Avengers, Author: Charlene Jaffie EdD
Title: Imprisoned by Fear: A true, tragic story of teens, drugs, burglaries and a homeowner's fear of death by his own guns, Author: Kathy Lange
Title: An LA Cop: From The Jungles Of Vietnam To The Streets Of Hollywood, Author: John Bowermaster
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Title: The Enchanted Adventure Tales, Author: J. P. Laracuente
Title: In the Company of a Known Felon, Author: Vic Frierson
Title: While Waiting: The Musings of a Complicated Mailman, Author: LaGuan Rodgers
Title: Making Life a Homerun, Author: Mike (Paps) Nicholson
Title: My Cries of Yesterday, Author: Angelica Galbraith
Title: One Face in a Million Book 1: Mu Shangaaniana, Author: William K. Bond
Title: Alabaster, Author: Nancy Pietsch
Title: Steve Biko: The Radical Gospel of Black Consciousness, Author: Traci D. Wyatt
Title: Unbreakable, Author: Sharon T. Anderson
Title: A Life Interrupted: Looking Back, Author: John Samoles
Title: Tallulah's Diner, Author: Gina Burris
Title: BlackJack - 22: Modern Poetry, Author: Robert Deshaies II
Title: Soul Song, Author: Shawna Bennett
Title: The Pumpkin Man vs The Boogie Man, Author: Joe

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