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Title: Blue November Storms, Author: Brian James Freeman
Title: The Stephen King Companion: Four Decades of Fear from the Master of Horror, Author: George Beahm
Title: Horrors: Great Stories of Fear and Their Creators, Author: Rocky Wood
Title: The Cove, Author: Rick Hautala
Title: Blue November Storms, Author: Glenn Chadbourne
Title: The Watching, Author: Paul Melniczek
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Title: Shadow Point, Author: Dave Lowell
Title: Haunted House Illustrated Trade Paperback, Author: Edward Lee
Title: The Unseen, Author: Paul Melniczek
Title: Revival A Writing Journal, Author: Glenn Chadbourne
Title: A Glenn Chadbourne Sampler of All's Not Well, Author: David Hinchberger
Title: Monsters, Author: Paul Melniczek
Title: It Came From The Mist: Mist Creature Art by Glenn Chadbourne, Author: Stephen King
Title: End of Watch Wrtiing Journal - Trade Paperback, Author: Glenn Chadbourne
Title: Matinee At The Flame - Hard Cover, Author: Christopher Fahy
Title: Occasional Demons, Author: Rick Hautala
Title: Glimpses, Author: David G. Barnett
Title: Uncle Glenny's Zombie 'Pocalypse - An Adult Coloring Adventure Hardcover, Author: David Hinchberger
Title: The Zombie Who Cried Human, Author: Glenn Chadbourne
Title: Man Overboard: How a Merchant Marine Officer Survived the Raging Storm of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction, Author: Darryl Hagar

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