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Title: A Custom Education for Every Child: The Promise of Online Learning and Education Savings Accounts, Author: Dan Lips
Title: 50 Bright Stars: An Assessment of Each State’s Constitutional Commitment to Limited Government, Author: Nick Dranias
Title: 2011 Arizona Piglet Book, Author: Drew Johnson
Title: Goldwater Institute Amicus Brief-Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, Author: Goldwater Institute
Title: Administrative Bloat at American Universities: The Real Reason for High Costs in Higher Education, Author: Jay Greene
Title: 2011 Legislative Report Card for Arizona’s Fiftieth Legislature, First Regular Session, Author: Nick Dranias
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Title: 100 Ideas for 100 Days, Author: Goldwater Institute
Title: Demography Defeated: Florida's K-12 Reforms and Their Lessons for the Nation, Author: Dan Lips
Title: Nonprofits in Health Care: Are They More Efficient and Effective?, Author: Byron Schlomach
Title: Living Debt Free: Restoring Arizona’s Commitment to its Constitutional Debt Limit, Author: Benjamin Barr
Title: New Millennium Schools: Delivering Six-Figure Teacher Salaries in Return for Outstanding Student Learning Gains, Author: Matthew Ladner
Title: Keeping Americans Safe: Best Practices to Improve Community Policing and to Protect the Public, Author: George Kelling
Title: The Reagan Vision, Author: Brad Lips
Title: 2012 Legislative Report Card for Arizona’s Fiftieth Legislature, First Regular Session, Author: Nick Dranias
Title: Arizona's Struggle for Sovereignty: The Consequences of Federal Mandates, Author: Benjamin Barr
Title: Learning from Experience: How the States Used Article V Applications in America's First Century (Part 2 in a Series), Author: Robert Natelson
Title: Fortune Favors the Bold: Reforms for Results in K-12 Education, Author: Matthew Ladner
Title: Cutting up the Credit Cards: Seven Ideas to Reform the Culture of Debt, Author: Stephen Slivinski
Title: A New Tax Plan for a New Economy: How Eliminating the Income Tax Can Create Jobs, Author: Stephen Slivinski
Title: The Citizen Legislature: How Reasonable Limits on State Legislative Salaries, Staff and Session Lengths Keep Liberty Alive, Author: William Ruger

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